Halloween Candy Monster

Happy Halloween! Help this cute Candy Monster 3D animation get more candy. It’s Halloween and the Candy Monster is all out of candy. She needs help getting more candy. Watch as she discovers that she has no more candy in her candy bucket and ask for more. This 3D animated girl character is dressed in … Read More

Deer Xmas

Emerging for the snowy woodlands, a Christmas decoration with a cosy scarf follows the Christmas lights on a snowy cabin. This in-house project was created to refine pipeline workflows. Maya and Softimage were used for animations and FX. Redshift was the renderer and it was composited in Fusion. Davinci Resolve was used for the edit. … Read More

Ibuleve Gel

Powerful animals emerge from special gel to form and create a powerful solution for back pain. I was approached by Hush_London to assist them with the previs and animation for the Ibuleve Gel campaign. The animation was created using Maya for the horses, lion, hawk and the dynamic camera movement which gives the commercial its … Read More


A curious fairy watching bugs soon turns to making them float. Inadvertently zapping itself in the process and lifts up into the tree tops. A little inhouse project to refine pipeline and workflow. Also was inspired by the lovely “Ant Parade” illustration, “Original concept (c) 2007 Kei Acedera and Bobby Chiu”. Adaptation/Art Director/Director: Femi Adegboye … Read More